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  • Thank you for your session on the key financial reports.  As there was no cost involved, I was a little unsure as to what information I'd ...Carole

  • Anish is probably the BEST educational coach I've had yet! I was really struggling with understanding the content of my course and my grades we...Blazenka

  • The assistance that Anish provided me was very professional and helpful. I appreciated the time he took to prepare for our sessions, the way in whi...The Honorable Chris Pearce - Executive Director

  • Accounting and Financial Management as a core MBA subject moves quickly. Over twelve weeks, I was expected to have a handle on financial concepts t...Craig - Business Owner

  • Anish has helped me with Company Reporting and Financial Management this year, spanning over two semesters. He has been fantastic in his ability to...Andreea - General Secretary at Monash Union

  • I started work with Ernst and Young this year as a co-op which is similar to a graduation program, having not completed my university degree this d...Mark Coughlan - Former AFL Star

  • Anish is an excellent Coach. His flexibility via the online sessions and his ability to make himself available at difficult times are well suited t...Alex - Lawyer

  • Anish provided great insight into the world of finance. His support and direction assisted me in my studies, which resulted in me getting equal dux...Simon โ€“ CEO

  • I had really short time and was so worried about if I can finish the book or not, but he helped me to cover all the topics in that short time and m...Samira - RMIT University

  • I am in the process of completing my CA studies and with almost no in person assistance provided; it was very comforting to know, that if I struggl...Rachel - CA program

  • Anish has a wealth of experience in the world of accounting and finance. I have found his coaching style insightful and very helpful. He is very su...Petrina โ€“ Designer

  • I am an Open University student, and I've been struggling through my financial accounting concepts. Anish's patience and teaching technique...Marie Batche - Accountant

  • Anish I got an HD (83%) in Accounting and Finance. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and patience in teaching me the subjec...Priyanka - Monash University

  • Anish is patient and articulate person. He has in-depth knowledge of his subject matter. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is struggli...Brad - Project Manager

  • The things I really appreciate about your coaching style is that you can explain the material in a way which is logical and easy to follow particul...Anne - Management Consultant

  • I would like to thank you for your help with Finance and Investment unit. You made it too easy for me. Now the concept and basics are very clear, a...Meena - University of SA

  • Anish is a fantastic, very patient coach! He is incredibly competent and has an extensive knowledge on all aspects of Business Finance. I would hig...Josh - QLD University

  • Having finished my management subjects, I was struggling with the subjects for accounting. I just managed to memorise the past papers with no-sense...Venura - Deakin University

  • From my sessions with Anish, I received support, encouragement, camaraderie and above all a strengthened knowledge base. He is an excellent mentor ...Apoorva - Monash College

  • Anish was excellent, gave me the right advice every time. He was also 100% committed to ensuring I had all the support I needed; he even tutored me...Matthew - Manager, AGSM

  • Sessions with Anish was a laid-back interactive experience. By asking questions, helping me create notes on different topics and going through lect...Hannah - Deakin University

  • Anish is by far the most accomplished coach I have encountered. Having dealt with academics in the past, they struggle to teach content in a clear ...Tom - Monash University

  • (Why?) has been my only logical way to understand Finance. Thanks to you for making Finance easier to absorb by thinking about the reasons behind f...Suhad - Victoria University

  • Anish thanks for your support at the eleventh hour for providing guidance. I was completely satisfied with your logical approach and thorough knowl...Sumit - CA program

  • Anish is a wonderful coach, with profound knowledge on the subject of accounting. His patience and technique in teaching clarify and ensure your un...Kevin - Deakin University

  • His "pedigree'" of knowledge assisted me answers to my questions, and his skills set was very helpful indeed. Anish was a fantastic c...Angela - University of SA

  • It's really helpful to have someone who can explain accounting to me in a sensible manner, especially when the university syllabus was progress...Charles - University of Melbourne

  • I find your teaching style fantastic - you're very patient and understanding, which is extremely important for someone who has never done accou...Soniya - Public Relation Manager

  • I do not know how can I ever thank this gentleman. Anish assisted me with International Finance and Control System Management. I guarantee you all;...Hemo - Victoria University

  • Anish is a good friend of mine and a good mentor too. He helped me in my very first semester in the university for the subject of Derivatives. His ...Anirudh - University of Melbourne

  • Anish has been able to assist my financial accounting study with easy to understand language and a simple approach. Also, he has ample patience and...Adam - University of Melbourne

  • I would once again like to thank you for all your help and tutoring sessions. I have just received the results for the accounting subject, and I am...Viviane - University of SA

  • You made what I believed to be very hard topics easy and understandable. I now have confidence leading into the exam and should have started workin...Brett - Monash University

  • Anish before anything else I want to thank you for all patience that you showed in order to make me understand the concept of company accounting. B...Disha - Deakin University

  • You give an honest and unbiased assessment of what each unit of study is like. You don't mind explaining things more than once, which is good f...Tim - Monash University

  • Not having any background in Accounting and having dropped math in year 10, I was struggling with the most basic accounting subject. Anish has a lo...Dragana - Victoria University

  • I didn't know much about the topic I was confronted with but have learnt more than I thought I would. Anish is very clear and concise when deli...Kathleen - Kaplan Professional




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