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Founder & CEO:

Anish Baheti is the Founder of Concepts Coach™ (AUS) and Train My Brain™ (IND)
He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (IND), an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS), a Certificate in Life Coaching (AUS), and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (AUS). He is also a Certified  Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK).

He has more than 8 years of coaching experience in Australia, helping University Students, Business Owners, Working Professionals and Senior Executive in Simplifying Learning &  Mind Set Coaching.

He believes 'pure' learning creates intellectual JOY and hence his entire focus is to break down complex concepts into bite sizes, making it very easy to comprehend. Once the concepts are robust, rest falls in place naturally.


Mission statement:

Concepts Coach aims to promote the intellectual and professional capabilities of our diverse student base. It seeks to inspire a passion for learning and empowers the client to pursue for excellence.

Vision statement:

To be a recognised leader of e-coach model in Australia, providing highest quality of academic support for business related subjects with a 98% client satisfaction rate. Bringing to the distance education world a basket of services including but not limited to assignment help, email support, live sessions, Q&A, business coaching, web seminars and concepts download.

Core values:

Client focused and value creation

Openness to feedback and suggestions

Networking and building strong team

Constant improvement through reflection

Ethics and personal integrity

Passionate about education

Timeliness and professionalism

Strive for excellence


  • It's really helpful to have someone who can explain accounting to me in a sensible manner, especially when the university syllabus was progressing at a pace which made it necessary to memorise key concepts, without having time to fully understand them.  

    Charles - University of Melbourne

  • (Why?) has been my only logical way to understand Finance. Thanks to you for making Finance easier to absorb by thinking about the reasons behind financial concepts. This makes me in a position of asking myself  (Why) hasn't any uni lecturer explained Finance the way you do? Our lives as

    Suhad - Victoria University

  • Not having any background in Accounting and having dropped math in year 10, I was struggling with the most basic accounting subject. Anish has a lot of knowledge on all the products, and he really tries to make you understand each topic. I feel that I am understanding accounting more and more aft

    Dragana - Victoria University

  • Anish has been able to assist my financial accounting study with easy to understand language and a simple approach. Also, he has ample patience and does not progress to different topics until the ones being covered are fully understood. Thanks a ton.

    Adam - University of Melbourne

  • Anish is patient and articulate person. He has in-depth knowledge of his subject matter. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with the understanding of a subject.  

    Brad - Project Manager

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