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  • The assistance that Anish provided me was very professional and helpful. I appreciated the time he took to prepare for our sessions, the way in which he clearly expressed and presented the concepts related to my topic.

    The Honorable Chris Pearce - Executive Director

  • Anish before anything else I want to thank you for all patience that you showed in order to make me understand the concept of company accounting. Being an international student your sessions have provided me tremendous knowledge of accounting.  

    Disha - Deakin University

  • Sessions with Anish was a laid-back interactive experience. By asking questions, helping me create notes on different topics and going through lectures he was able to guide me through my management accounting unit with ease. I walked away from our meetings always feeling more confident and for th

    Hannah - Deakin University

  • Anish is an excellent Coach. His flexibility via the online sessions and his ability to make himself available at difficult times are well suited to busy professionals taking further education.  His broad knowledge and ability to identify the crucial principles in the material being studied

    Alex - Lawyer

  • (Why?) has been my only logical way to understand Finance. Thanks to you for making Finance easier to absorb by thinking about the reasons behind financial concepts. This makes me in a position of asking myself  (Why) hasn't any uni lecturer explained Finance the way you do? Our lives as

    Suhad - Victoria University

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