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Cancellation Policy relies on the consistency and showing up on the booked time slot of its clients/students. Unfortunately, if the student doesn’t turn up at the designated time without formally cancelling the appointment, it’s a potential loss for other student who could benefit by an appointment.

Ongoing clients booking done under E-Coach, face to face and Concept Library:
Ongoing clients should inform of required cancellations as soon as they know of them. For sudden cancellations you must inform us 48 hours before the scheduled lesson if it is to be cancelled. This must be done in writing by e-mail to  Our administrative office operates from 10 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday. Thus a session booked for a Wednesday morning at 11 am AEST must be cancelled before 11 am AEST on the previous Monday, at the absolute latest.
Note that Monday session must be cancelled on previous Friday and Tuesday’s session must be cancelled on previous Thursday. Properly cancelled lessons will have their fees waived at the management’s discretion.
Cancellation email received 48 hours prior to session start   Full refund
Cancellation email received between 24 and 48 hours prior to session start 50% refund
Cancellation email received within 24 hours prior to session start  No refund
You must cancel lessons in writing under all circumstances. Without written notice, the lesson remains scheduled and non-attendance will incur charges. The only way to have session fees waived is to cancel in writing at least two days beforehand.
You may reschedule once for no cost to you provided there is a spot available. If you need to reschedule more than once a non-refundable fee of AUD 50 needs to be paid each time you reschedule.

Webinars and Seminar booking Clients:

Since the web seminars is an ongoing program over a span of few weeks, any cancellation will be done on a pro rata basis
Cancellation email received 7 business days prior to webinar or seminar event  Full refund
Cancellation email received after the above deadline or non-attendance  No refund for the first session of the webinar or seminar (pro rata) and the rest will be refunded.
You must cancel lessons in writing under all circumstances. Without written notice, the lesson remains scheduled and non-attendance will incur charges. The only way to have session fees waived is to cancel in writing at least seven business days beforehand.

If a web seminar or seminar is cancelled due to low registration or extreme weather, participants will be notified and any fees paid, if applicable, will be fully refunded.
REFUND POLICY has a no return, refund or exchange policy once an order has been placed through the website. Because of the subjectivity associated with this type of service, all users acknowledge that they are buying all products and services "as is", and that all sales are final and that refunds will not be issued unless there are technical difficulties with your ability to download our products or use our service which we are unable to resolve.
In some cases, however if you are not satisfied with any of our service, our customer service is reachable at We will be pleased to hear your concerns.
In case of webinars, if you decide not to complete the entire series of sessions you may request a refund by sending us an email, explaining the reason for not being able to complete the series, to All such refunds will be processed on a prorated basis.
Assignment / Homework help from the Company is intended to provide you with guidance on understanding your assignment and not to replace your academic efforts designed to be part of your curriculum. No refund will be given for reasons of grade deficiency for having submitted our suggestive solution guidance in lieu of your university or college homework or assignment. Deposits do not accrue interest. Once you have paid and received a suggested answer, you have no right to a refund of amounts paid for that answer.
We do not encourage and believe none of the students using our assignment / homework help will use this to be submitted for their classroom homework or any such activity that is intended to be done by you alone.



  • Anish is a good friend of mine and a good mentor too. He helped me in my very first semester in the university for the subject of Derivatives. His concepts are pretty good and explains it with patience and in a very nice way so that the students new to the subject can get a hang of it quickly.

    Anirudh - University of Melbourne

  • Not having any background in Accounting and having dropped math in year 10, I was struggling with the most basic accounting subject. Anish has a lot of knowledge on all the products, and he really tries to make you understand each topic. I feel that I am understanding accounting more and more aft

    Dragana - Victoria University

  • I had really short time and was so worried about if I can finish the book or not, but he helped me to cover all the topics in that short time and make me understand all the concepts. I am very thankful to him.  

    Samira - RMIT University

  • Anish is by far the most accomplished coach I have encountered. Having dealt with academics in the past, they struggle to teach content in a clear and concise manner often confusing me further. However, Anish can  break the information down and make the impossible seem possible. He is clear,

    Tom - Monash University

  • Anish provided great insight into the world of finance. His support and direction assisted me in my studies, which resulted in me getting equal dux in my unit for finance & legal strategies - he was a great help.

    Simon – CEO

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