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  • Anish before anything else I want to thank you for all patience that you showed in order to make me understand the concept of company accounting. Being an international student your sessions have provided me tremendous knowledge of accounting.  

    Disha - Deakin University

  • Anish has helped me with Company Reporting and Financial Management this year, spanning over two semesters. He has been fantastic in his ability to explain topics in a way that was very easy to understand for me. His use of visual and diagrams has been my savior in Accounting! He has a great pers

    Andreea - General Secretary at Monash Union

  • The things I really appreciate about your coaching style is that you can explain the material in a way which is logical and easy to follow particularly to people who have no financial or accounting background. Furthermore, you are respectful of where your client is coming from; you are very patie

    Anne - Management Consultant

  • From my sessions with Anish, I received support, encouragement, camaraderie and above all a strengthened knowledge base. He is an excellent mentor with an innovative way of teaching, which ultimately arouses interest in the subject. I would gladly recommend Anish to my friends and peers. &nbs

    Apoorva - Monash College

  • Anish has been able to assist my financial accounting study with easy to understand language and a simple approach. Also, he has ample patience and does not progress to different topics until the ones being covered are fully understood. Thanks a ton.

    Adam - University of Melbourne

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