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How it Works

You have got 5 options to choose from:


Web Seminars: Choose this option, if you want to learn and understand topics based on our course material. We will conduct a session (usually 2 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each) on a award-winning web conferencing platform. This is most convenient and affordable option. Best part is if you are a group of 5 people, you only pay the price of TWO!

Concept Library: Choose this option, if you want to study a few topics from your subject/course. Select the concept you wish to understand and book a time slot using our online calendar system. We have a pre-written material to clarify your topics and run them in slots of 30 or 60 minutes at an affordable price. The beauty of this is that you only pay for topics you need help with.

E-Coach/Face to face: Choose this option, if you want us to coach you or your group based on your course material/lecture notes/past exam papers. Fill the online enquiry form and we will respond to your request with the best course of action. E-Coach is ALWAYS cheaper than face to face sessions, as we offer a flat 20% discount on all ongoing sessions.

Assignment: Choose this option, if you have an upcoming assignment for which you need some help or guidance. Please note that we don’t do an assignment on behalf of you since we don’t want to spoil your learning experience.

Q & A: Choose this option, if you stumble upon a difficult question for which you need some extra help or guidance. Place your best bid and pick up our suggested solution. Please note that we don’t do quizzes or exam questions for you. Use this service only to better understand the structure of solution to difficult problems.

Train MY Brain: Motivational and Inspirational Power Talks based on concepts for shaping careers & promoting employability skills amongst Indian youths.


  • You give an honest and unbiased assessment of what each unit of study is like. You don't mind explaining things more than once, which is good for me because sometimes it takes me a while to learn something. You always test my knowledge to make sure that I understand things that also help me t

    Tim - Monash University

  • Thank you for your session on the key financial reports.  As there was no cost involved, I was a little unsure as to what information I'd receive.  The fact that it was a webinar gave me the impetus to join in.  The session was clear and concise and spelled out the elements in


  • Anish is by far the most accomplished coach I have encountered. Having dealt with academics in the past, they struggle to teach content in a clear and concise manner often confusing me further. However, Anish can  break the information down and make the impossible seem possible. He is clear,

    Tom - Monash University

  • It's really helpful to have someone who can explain accounting to me in a sensible manner, especially when the university syllabus was progressing at a pace which made it necessary to memorise key concepts, without having time to fully understand them.  

    Charles - University of Melbourne

  • Anish was excellent, gave me the right advice every time. He was also 100% committed to ensuring I had all the support I needed; he even tutored me online during his holiday overseas as my final exam was during that period.  

    Matthew - Manager, AGSM

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