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Thank you for your session on the key financial reports.  As there was no cost involved, I was a little unsure as to what information I'd receive.  The fact that it was a webinar gave me the impetus to join in.  The session was clear and concise and spelled out the elements in the financial statements  in an easy to comprehend way.  I'll be looking forward to further webinars.  Congratulations on a well delivered and information packed session.

by : Carole

Anish is probably the BEST educational coach I've had yet! I was really struggling with understanding the content of my course and my grades were slipping. Thanks to Anish I finished the semester not only with a full comprehension of my accounting subject but with an HD. He breaks down complex concepts to bite sizes making it very easy to learn. I will absolutely recommend him time and time again. Great support and couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Anish!!

by : Blazenka

The assistance that Anish provided me was very professional and helpful. I appreciated the time he took to prepare for our sessions, the way in which he clearly expressed and presented the concepts related to my topic.

by : The Honorable Chris Pearce - Executive Director

Accounting and Financial Management as a core MBA subject moves quickly. Over twelve weeks, I was expected to have a handle on financial concepts that would have the average CFO reaching for their old text books. Concepts Coach was able to simplify a theory into easily digestible pieces and assisted me greatly in crystallizing course material. Anish not only explained how but more importantly for me, explained why. Time well spent! Thanks Anish.

by : Craig - Business Owner

Anish has helped me with Company Reporting and Financial Management this year, spanning over two semesters. He has been fantastic in his ability to explain topics in a way that was very easy to understand for me. His use of visual and diagrams has been my savior in Accounting! He has a great personality that’s easy to work with, and highly patient, especially with a slow learning student as myself. Thank you for all your help.


by : Andreea - General Secretary at Monash Union

I started work with Ernst and Young this year as a co-op which is similar to a graduation program, having not completed my university degree this deemed to be somewhat of a challenge. My accounting studies have been external and with zero contact hours I felt I wasn't getting the first hand contact whom I needed and while the on-line material was supportive, it was very much self-taught. Anish has provided the first hand support I needed, which has also assisted to my real life working life, applying theory to into practice. More importantly, having a tendency to get lost in the detail, Anish breaks down difficult questions into efficient and easy models making it easy to adopt into a testing environment. I aim to finish my course and continue with a CA under the guidance of Anish.


by : Mark Coughlan - Former AFL Star

Anish is an excellent Coach. His flexibility via the online sessions and his ability to make himself available at difficult times are well suited to busy professionals taking further education.  His broad knowledge and ability to identify the crucial principles in the material being studied made my job (almost) easy!


by : Alex - Lawyer

Anish provided great insight into the world of finance. His support and direction assisted me in my studies, which resulted in me getting equal dux in my unit for finance & legal strategies - he was a great help.

by : Simon – CEO

I had really short time and was so worried about if I can finish the book or not, but he helped me to cover all the topics in that short time and make me understand all the concepts. I am very thankful to him.


by : Samira - RMIT University

I am in the process of completing my CA studies and with almost no in person assistance provided; it was very comforting to know, that if I struggled with any concepts, I would be able to have a clear explanation from Anish. I went into the exam feeling a lot more confident. A small price to pay for education.

by : Rachel - CA program


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  • Anish is a good friend of mine and a good mentor too. He helped me in my very first semester in the university for the subject of Derivatives. His concepts are pretty good and explains it with patience and in a very nice way so that the students new to the subject can get a hang of it quickly.

    Anirudh - University of Melbourne

  • His "pedigree'" of knowledge assisted me answers to my questions, and his skills set was very helpful indeed. Anish was a fantastic coach and one which I recommend.  

    Angela - University of SA

  • Anish thanks for your support at the eleventh hour for providing guidance. I was completely satisfied with your logical approach and thorough knowledge, which helped me a lot.  

    Sumit - CA program

  • Anish is by far the most accomplished coach I have encountered. Having dealt with academics in the past, they struggle to teach content in a clear and concise manner often confusing me further. However, Anish can  break the information down and make the impossible seem possible. He is clear,

    Tom - Monash University

  • Sessions with Anish was a laid-back interactive experience. By asking questions, helping me create notes on different topics and going through lectures he was able to guide me through my management accounting unit with ease. I walked away from our meetings always feeling more confident and for th

    Hannah - Deakin University

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